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21technology Solutions

Solution 1
Data preprocessing/ Data management

21 provides technical support before and when the client company need to structure or re-organize data base.
We work with: Kafka; RDBMS: MySQL, PostgleSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB,ArangoDB, local files; Nginx, Percona, etc
- Technical Assessment
We assess database, related information, documents, use cases, etc
- Data Pre-processing
We design database structure and sort out unorganize data to be useful data (in ISMS compliant-level) secure way.
- Design (Schema, Configuration)
We design schema, configuration and system according to the structure of data base.
- System Configuration
Depending on system operation or data analysis requirements, we design system settings and configuration based on varieties of:files, documents, users, access conditions, etc)

Solution 2
Data analysis

21 deliver big data analysis with machine learning and other advanced proven approaches.
We work with: Hadoop, Spark, GPU CuDNN, CPUs, MKL, etc
- Keyword Extraction
We extract specific keywords (e.g.id, names, time stamps, etc) from clients' dataset to narrow down focal points. Also we can create a custom keyword dictionary for a specific domain to improve performance and efficiency.
- Document Categorization
By analyzing, with machine learning, of emails, documents and other data, we automaticly categorize data based on topics/subjects such as spam, positive/negative, etc. This analysis is applicable for improving efficiency of data analysis.
- Anomaly detection analysis
With time-series data (e.g. logs, customer behavioral data, etc.), we can detect anomaly such as abrupt surge of certain items under certain conditions or unusual behaviors.
- Trend Analysis
To optimize performance and improve practicality, we analyze data usage and relating information.
- Performance Analysis and Tuning Service

Solution 3
Web / Mobile app/ system development

21 develop applications enhanced with machine intelligence powered or other various approaches.
We work with: Pyhon, Flask, django, Java, Payler, Scala, JS, React, etc
- Feasibility Test
Test and POC before starting new system development. Prior toimplementing new system, we test and demo.
- System development
According to clients' specifications or specifications defined through our System Design service, we develop system
- Project Support
Technical support for system development or testing.
- Consulting
We are happy to support materializing clients' seeds.

Language: English/日本語